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Thank you so much, I appreciate the work you did for me. This money will help when I move to England.


Asset Recovery Specialists

Rightful Claims Asset Recovery Specialists

Case Managers

Solution focussed, empathetic and analytical, our case managers thrive on the challenge to move a case forward from initial customer contact to ongoing communication throughout the entire Rightful Claims process. They are the single point of contact for our customers and are here to make the claiming process as simple as possible.

Asset Recovery Specialists in Australia


Our research team is experienced in handling complex probate genealogy and family history research. Their knowledge of global records and resources and their ability to extract and interpret information is unmatched. This unique combination of skills enables the research team to locate people across Australia and around the world

Asset Recovery Specialists of Rightful Claims

Recovery Specialists

The recovery of lost and unclaimed property to their rightful owners is a complex process often involving many organisations with varying requirements. Our team of dedicated and professional recovery specialists draw on experience across many industries to deliver positive results for our customers.

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